Want to Outsell Your Competitors? Here’s 4 Brilliant Ways!

I have been a huge fan of the Uber company ever since I found out about them. Uber transformed how taxi services are done all over the world. Before Uber, we did not have appropriate means to report bad taxi service – we just had to make do with whatever service we received and if there was a complaint line, we could spend hours trying to get our problem resolved. Another problem that Uber solved is one of safety. You know who your driver is before you hop onto a taxi and your funds are secured via an automatic debit order.

Other taxi services all over the world have been complaining about Uber taking all their clients, but I thought more about this and wondered, “Why is it that a company that comes into the scene years after the taxi business has been in operation has the ability to overtake all other companies?”

This question brings me to today’s post. Whether you have been in the industry for a very long time or you just joined the industry, you need to know which methods to use to outsell your competitors.

Who is your competitor? Well, as Don Cooper puts it, “Your competition is EVERYTHING else your prospect could conceivably spend their money on.”

The other taxi services in this Uber story are making three mistakes:

  1. Resisting healthy competition.
  2. Failing to learn from the competition.
  3. Having a feeling of entitlement.

Competition is healthy and keeps you on your toes. Without competition you run the risk of becoming complacent, therefore, it’s important to embrace your competition and learn how you can outsell them.

Here are four brilliant ways you can outsell your competitors:

Offer More Value

The best way to outsell your competitor is to offer more value than they do. The only reason someone would leave a competitor and come to you is if you offer a better product or service.

Offering more value does not mean a reduction in price, in fact, research has shown that people are prepared to pay a higher price for a good quality product. Offering more value means solving more problems for a client than your competitor does. In the Uber example, the problem of safety, reliability, and trust was solved – which client problems can you solve that your competitor has not yet caught onto?

Invest in Technology

There are so many new tools and apps that can help you to outsell your competitors – use them. Is there a new gadget that has gotten people talking? Investigate and find out if you can implement it in your company.

Ask Your Clients

Your product’s value or worth is only dependent on the people who use it.  Your client’s know best and therefore it will only do you good to request feedback from them.

You can request feedback through a short online survey, email correspondence or telephonic conversation. Either way, you can use the feedback to improve your value.

Get Young Minds Involved

Young people have a knack for knowing what’s in and what’s not in the industry. Their young minds are still inquisitive and has no limits to creativity.

Getting young people involved in product development and research can bring fresh ideas to help you beat your competition.

Final Thoughts

As a recap:

  1. Learn to play the field by embracing your competition and finding unique ways to outsell them
  2. Offer more product value
  3. Invest in the best and latest technology
  4. Request feedback from your clients
  5. Get young people involved in product research and development and
  6. Never forget the Uber effect.

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