What is Branding and How Can It Help Gain Better Clients?

by Apr 26, 2017Branding, Marketing

What is Branding and How Can It Help Gain Better Clients?

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon

Branding is not marketing. Yep, that’s correct. When marketing, one is simply pushing people to purchase his products or services. Branding is much more than that. Branding involves creating an impression in the customer’s mind. It’s like saying, “This is who I am and what I can offer, if you like it, perfect, if not, then find a better fit.”

A brand remains way after marketing has sold the solution. It’s what you want to be remembered for – it’s your IDENTITY.

“Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it’s not going to get the business.” – Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

Companies that got it right

There are some companies that got it right and created multi-billion dollar brands. According to Interbrand, here is a list of the top 10 Best Global Brands of 2016:

  1. Apple
  2. Google
  3. Coca-Cola
  4. Microsoft
  5. Toyota
  6. IBM
  7. Samsung
  8. Amazon
  9. Mercedes-Benz
  10. GE

Just looking at the list, we can clearly see why these companies come out on top. Toyota vehicles are known for their durability and Coca-Cola represents friendship/sharing. All these companies are known for something of value.

What this means for you is you should attempt to be known for something in order to grow. Competition is tough, but it makes it easier if you can identify your unique selling point (USP) very quickly.

It’s easy to identify a USP when you don’t have much competition, but what do you do when there’s a similar business everywhere you turn?

Identify a USP in a competitive market

Every company has something that sets them apart whether they know it or not. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid of the competition. When your unique selling point is not as obvious to you or your colleagues, here are questions that can help you to figure it out:

  1. What can I do well that my competitors can’t?
  2. What do my clients say about me?
  3. Why do my clients purchase from me?
  4. Which products are the highest selling or which products drive my business the most?
  5. What are customers looking for?
  6. When you first had the idea to start your business, what was the main driving force?

You can also develop a SWOT analysis of your company and of your competitors as well. This will mean looking at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Don’t always jump on price as your unique selling point, try to think a little broader. What gap have you filled in the market? What are others missing that gave you an ‘aha’ moment? These are the type of questions you should ask yourself.

In the end, your USP is a company decision. Sit down with your team members, they can help you to figure it out as well.

How to rebrand when you get it wrong the first time?

So, you got it wrong the first time and after reading this post, you feel energised to start over, but you’re not quite sure how?

The first piece of advice I can give you is that you shouldn’t try to do it yourself. If you’ve failed the first time, chances are you will require additional help to get it right the second time. Partner with a company that specialises in branding strategies and implementation. Hey, we do that at SnappSales too! Give us a call or email us at karen@snappsales.com