How Whitespace Moves Your Web Design Up 10 Notches

What is whitespace?

Ever gotten to a website and felt overwhelmed by the amount of information the page contained? Wish you knew where to click but just couldn’t because you didn’t find what you were looking for? Well, that’s why whitespace is important!

Whitespace is a negative space, a portion of a page left unmarked. It is a portion that is left blank or an empty space on a page.

For Web Designers, it’s referred to as the space between images, graphics, text, margins and other elements of a page. It reminds us that sometimes simple is best and does the job of grabbing the visitor’s attention pretty well.

Why is whitespace important?

Have a look at the image below.

Image: Digital Ink

If you had to choose to read one article of the two, which would you choose?

Most of us would go for the one on the right, simply because it looks less crowded. It looks like a well-written article even before we have read a word.

What makes it visually appealing is the use of whitespace. The article on the left uses all the space with writing that is too close together, while the one on the right uses wider columns with more distance between the paragraphs.

Not only is whitespace aesthetically pleasing, but studies have shown that it has an effect on how our brains take in and process information. Whitespaces direct how and upon what terms we see and read a particular design.

Web designers can use it to draw attention to a certain part of a page or to highlight a certain point. Whitespaces improve coherency in your website.

Become a Minimalist!

In the past, advertisements would consist of boldly coloured images with lots of text. Throughout the years, though, advertisers have learned that less is more. Take the Coca-Cola ad below.

1950’s Coca-Cola AD 2008 Coca-Cola AD

The difference between the 1950’s and the 21st century is an aesthetically pleasing, simple, minimalistic and clean design. Yet, it still conveys the message Coca-Cola wants to convey.

Here’s another example of how using whitespace can grab attention. This time it’s a business card. Notice how space is used much better on the right than the left?

Image: Printwand

Becoming a minimalist in web design doesn’t work for all brands. The challenge for designers is making good use of whitespaces that accentuate a website rather than make it look dull. The good news is that SnappSales is a master in web design. We have years of experience designing websites to suit not only you but your audience as well.

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