Why You Need a Lead Generation Specialist for Your Business

Whether your business is a B2C or a B2B, one thing stands true: You need a constant supply of leads to keep it going.

A typical sales cycle involves the following:

  1. Prospecting to attract leads
  2. Setting up appointments
  3. Qualifying leads
  4. Making your presentation
  5. Handling objections
  6. Closing the sales
  7. Getting referrals

If you’re not getting enough leads or are not attracting the right leads, you cannot reach your sales goals. This is the challenge that most businesses face today.

Three things are important for generating leads:

  1. The quality of the lead
  2. The quality of your advertising content
  3. The skills of your sales team

If any of these three points are faulty, you cannot have a functional sales cycle. This is why you’re frustrated with your business. You give your best but you’re still not seeing any returns.

Also, before you blame competition for the lack of sales, you need to think about whether you’re doing all that you can to beat this competition. Big businesses have powerful content marketing strategies and prospects automatically pouring in, but for most small businesses, it will take a little bit of work to keep their sales funnel full.

If this is you, you need a lead generation specialist!

What can a lead generation specialist do?

A lead generation specialist will do four things amongst others:

  1. Source leads for your business
  2. Qualify those leads
  3. Cultivate and nurture those leads
  4. Give you sales-ready leads

This way, not only do you have qualified leads, but you can also have free time to spend on other areas of your business. Here are other benefits of outsourcing:

  1. Consistency – You don’t have one month of no leads and then a month of activity. With a reputable specialist by your side, you are consistently getting leads.
  2. Experience – As much as they would like to be, not all business owners are good at lead generation. Appointing an expert with years of experience can help you focus on your core strengths while the expert handles your weaknesses.
  3. Accountability – When you outsource this function, the responsibility is removed from your shoulders to get results.

Who should you outsource to?

At SnappSales, we’ve designed our approach around the four absolutes of lead generation:

  1. Awareness
  2. Thought Leadership
  3. Human Touch
  4. Nurturing


Unless you’re dealing with a referral, creating brand awareness is the start of any sales relationship. To start any successful lead generation campaign, we need to establish the foundation with great awareness. Letting your ideal prospect know about your brand and service, in a non-intrusive manner. This allows us to engage and get them warmed up towards your brand in a very natural way, without a feeling of being forced to engage with us.

Thought leadership

Thought leadership through content makes sure that leads know they’re dealing with an expert and not a rookie. Differentiation through thought leadership will ultimately open the right doors, giving you the best opportunities. We will create well-crafted content and strategically distribute the thought pieces to ensure the right people see it and engage with it. Picture this, would you rather engage with thought leaders or just a random company in the industry?

Human touch

Research shows that people still prefer the human touch. Therefore, we don’t do scripts. We will use Phase 1 & Phase 2 and clever technology to identify “Hand Raisers”, these are prospects whose online behaviour indicates interest in your brand or service offering. They will be contacted by your Brand Ambassador to ask questions to establish need, fit and if they qualify, to set up an appointment. Setting up Hot Qualified Appointments is why we are doing this, driving valuable meetings and proving ROI.


Nurturing steers great relationships which lead to great deals. Great deals lead to loyal customers. We understand that not all “Hand Raisers” are ready for the sales meeting, therefore we will cultivate and nurture them to a point of sales readiness.

Are you ready to change your business? Let’s chat!