SnappSales specialises in ICO and Blockchain Marketing

Digital Marketing combined with “Whale hunting” and “White Glove” on-boarding.

Experience the joy of working with industry specialists to find and target the right kind of investor,
build trust on your behalf, educate them, answer their questions and personally assist them with the “buy-in” process.

Lead Generation SnappSales

What do we do?

We can help your ICO gain traction fast, through digital avenues and targeted non-invasive outreach.

You know the challenges of Lead Generation in the IT and Software industry. You know your “crowd” does not respond to traditional cold calling or Facebook or even Google Ads. Our methodology is designed to strategically connect and engage with C-Suites, enticing them to engage with you and your brand.

You know how unique your approach is.
Why are you still using generalists?

We are not like everyone else, to the contrary, we are very different in all possible conceivable ways.

We do not hold you to long term contracts, and we offer guarantees.

Test SnappSales and our Methodology with our unique 90 Day Sprint.

Karen Wessels - CEO of SnappSales

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90 Day Sprint – What is in it for you?

Our goal with the “90 Day Sprint” is to establish a few crucial factors for success and culture fit.
There are many factors to launch a successful lead generation campaign in industries like yours, Software Dev, and IT. We have designed our Sprint to test the following:

  1. If we will be able to prove ROI for an extended period of time.
  2. If we understand your brand, core message, and that exact pain you solve.
  3. If there is a culture fit between you and SnappSales, a culture fit is very important to us.
  4. If you are impressed with our level of work.
  5. and, have we driven enough value to your liking?
SnappSales Lead Generation for Software and IT Methodology
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